With just one week in between summer school and the fall semester I was able to enjoy that week vacation in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. After my final exam on a Friday I jetted off to the airport and caught my overnight flight to Miami and then waited about five hours until my best friend, Maddie, also landed in Miami. We met up in the Admirals Club for some breakfast and bloody mary’s before our next flight. In the small, humid Costa Rican airport we then met up with my dad, grandma, and my aunt Debbie. Our beautiful house was located in Pacifico, Coco Beach area with an amazing view over the infinity pool. For our first night we took our golf carts down to the beach for some drinks and watch the sunset while our dog, Chip, played with the local beach dogs. On our first full day in Costa Rica my dad took me and the fam to the market where they had jewelry, art, bags, local tea and herbs, and some amazing homemade beef jerky. Maddie and I went down to the Pacifico Beach Club to hang out and have our new favorite drink called Chili Guaro, which is basically a Costa Rican version of a bloody mary. Monday was the day I had been looking forward to the most which was our yacht day to celebrate my grandma’s belated birthday. The sweet crew members had prepared a birthday sign and a cake. Then one of the crew members took me, Maddie and Debbie out snorkeling and we saw lots of fish, touched a puffer fish and also I help a spider star fish which was the highlight of my day. We also went and saw some caves and did a little barefoot hike up to the top on a cliff to see the other side on the island we were on. After all of that we went and had lunch on the back of the boat before heading back in which was perfect timing right before a storm came through. The next day was just another relaxing day at the beach club before the storm came through. We then decided to go get massages at the local spa which were amazing. Wednesday was yet another day spent at the beach club drinking Chili Guaro. Maddie and I spent the rest of the day shopping at all the local stores for some bracelets and t-shirts. In the evening we had a sip and paint scheduled where we painted some sharks at one of the restaurants on the beach. Thursday was also another relaxing beach club day before going to one of the restaurants to finally catch a beautiful sunset. On Friday we drove about an hour to Tamarindo which is surf town with a lot of shopping and beautiful beaches. There we just hung out on the beach, watched surfers and got pina coladas in a coconut.  For our last full day in Costa Rica on Friday we decided to go to Diamante Eco-Adventure Park. There we did an awesome zip line course which consisted of 5 different ziplines, one being the “superman” where you had to go on your stomach. At the end of the zipline you end up at the animal sanctuary that had toucans, monkeys, sloths, jaguars, pumas and so much more. And on Saturday it was time to head back home to Phoenix. 

To watch the video I created click the link here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnQFbMJNI4U&t=14s